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  • How do I register?
    Registration is done online through our website! You are in the right spot! If you're a new student, select the class you would like to enroll in. From there you will be taken to a new page to set up your Parent Portal. All classes can be added through your Parent Portal! If you're a returning student, login to your Parent Portal. All classes can be added through your Parent Portal!
  • How much does it cost to sign up?
    During our September - June session, all Strutters are required to pay our $55 membership fee. This fee will be charged upon registration.
  • How much do classes cost?
    Here is a price breakdown of monthly tuition: 30 Minutes: $30.00 45 Minutes - 1 Hour: $60.00 1.5 Hours: $90.00 2 Hours: $105 2.5 Hours: $120 3 Hours: $135 3.5 Hours: $150 4 Hours: $165 etc. After 2-hour weekly class, additional classes are ½ price. Siblings of the same household receive a 10% discount off total family monthly tuition.
  • What ages can dance?
    Our dancers can begin as early as 18 months and continue dancing through 18 years old. Age is as of September 1, 2023. Tutu: 18 months-2 years old Tot: 3-4 years old Tiny: 5-6 years old Mini: 7-9 years old Youth: 10 years old and up *Not all locations start at 18 months
  • How do I pay my tuition?
    Tuition is due between the 1st and the 5th of each month. Tuition is based on a monthly schedule of classes. Non Payment All credit cards on Strutter accounts will be ran on the 5th of every month. Cash or check payments must be made before the 5th. After the 6th of the month, if prior arrangements have not been made with our Accounts Manager a $15 non payment fee will be charged to your account & class suspension will be in effect until a response with a payment date is received. If payment has not been made to your account, your credit card will automatically be processed on the 10th of each month until payment is received. (a $15 non payment fee will be applied per declined transaction) All accounts not current on the 11th of the month will become inactive. All inactive students will be dropped from all classes and required to re-register. This will include another membership fee.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Any form fitting activewear top and bottoms are preferred. Strutters are welcome to express themselves with any colors or styles! T-Shirts and denim bottoms are not acceptable dance wear. Hair must be up, pulled back and away from the face. Socks are not acceptable dance shoes. The following shoes are required and may be purchased through Dance Showcase: Ballet & Tap: White Ballet Shoes & Black Taps Jazz & Hip Hop: Nude Half Soles & STS Hip Hop Shoes Lyrical & Prop: Nude Half Soles Acro & Tutu Tumble: No shoes required Competitive Strutters are required to wear Strutter colors (red, black, white, or grey) to their choreography classes. Competitive Strutters may wear any colors to technique classes. Nude Half soles should be brought to every class a Competitive Strutter attends. T-Shirts and denim bottoms are not acceptable dance wear. Hair must be up, pulled back and away from the face. Socks are not acceptable dance shoes.
  • How long is registration open?
    You can still register! We offer rolling registration throughout the year. After Thanksgiving Break, Strutters can still register for classes but may not be able to participate in our Christmas Recital. After Spring Break, Strutters can still register for classes but may not be able to participate in our Annual Recital.
  • Oh no! We can't make it to class tonight! What do we do?
    All Strutters are strongly encouraged to attend all practices, performances, and other events. Each Strutter is valued and must be counted on to be present at all times. We understand there will be times you will miss class, please notify us if this happens. Multiple absences may result in a private lesson at the discretion of the instructor. We do not offer make up classes or pro-rated tuition for missed classes.
  • Are there any fundraisers we can do?
    There are optional fundraisers to help defray the cost of dance. All fundraisers will be sent home with the Strutter and will be notified via email. 90% of fundraiser profits will be applied to Strutter accounts.
  • Do you have a Recital or Year-End Show?
    Yes! We have a Christmas Recital in December and an Annual Recital in May or June. You will be sent an email with important details early in the year. Acro, Tutu Tumble, Drill/Cheer Team Prep, and Technique classes will not participate in any performances. All events, performances, and Recitals are OPTIONAL.
  • Do you participate in parades or community events?
    Yes! We love for our Strutters to participate in community functions! Visit the STS online Calendar for events, parades, and outside performance dates & times. You will also be notified via email with upcoming event details. The STS team uniform will be required for most events. All events, performances, and Recitals are OPTIONAL.
  • What holidays are you closed?
    We observe Labor Day, Halloween Day, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Memorial Day. Bad weather days are based on public school’s decisions, but we will take action to make a decision if theirs is delayed.
  • Can I watch my Strutter in their weekly class?
    We encourage parents to use our observation windows (if available) to watch their Strutters. No visitors ae allowed in the classroom. This keeps distractions to a minimum and creates a bond with Strutters and their Directors. Please be quiet and respectful to others when in the observation area. If you do see a problem. Please notify an STS staff member immediately.
  • How will you communicate with parents?
    STS communication is via email – Please check your junk, spam, or clutter inboxes. Add our email as a contact. We also send periodic texts out about attendance or quick reminders. The STS phone number is 361-576-4425
  • What can I do in my Parent Portal?
    Every Strutter family has a parent portal. Use this portal to: Update personal contact information or credit card information Make a Payment Check your account Add a class Review your schedule Verify showtimes If you need to drop a class, please email
  • Are there any expenses outside of tuition and membership fee?
    Should your Strutter choose to participate in our Winter Recital or Annual Recital, there will be a costume fee. Each costume is $65.00 plus tax. Costume payments will be due in October and February . All non-payment charges will apply. Any community event or performance will require STS Team Uniform. This may be purchased at Dance Showcase online or in store. All events, performances, and Recitals are OPTIONAL. A $30.00 charge on all returned checks. A $1.00 per minute charge for early drop off or late pick up. Optional Private Lessons: $50.00 an hour for 1 student (plus $10.00 for each additional student. Max of 5 students)
  • What is Matinee or Evening?
    Victoria Recitals are broken into two time slots. Please choose coordinating Recitals for your classes. Matinee show will be in the early afternoon and Evening show will be in the later afternoon. All events, performances, and Recitals are OPTIONAL.
  • Are there any discounts?
    Siblings of the same household receive a 10% family discount on monthly tuition. 20% off most merchandise in Dance Showcase and online Strutter Store during the month of August. After 2 hours, classes are discounted 50%
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