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Competitive Strutter Valentine's Cupcake Fundraiser

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South Texas Strutters has partnered with Yummy Finds this year to bring you a Valentine's Day Cupcake Fundraiser....and who doesn't LOVE cupcakes!!!

Each order will contain 2 cupcakes and there are 4 flavor options available to choose from. Available options will be listed below (and also in the option section):

Option 1 Description: Old Fashioned Vanilla- moist vanilla cupcake base topped with a smooth vanilla buttercream/ Red Velvet- fluffy red velvet cupcake topped with yummy cream cheese frosting
Option 2 Description: Red Hot - light and fluffy cinnamon cake (not spicy), topped with a yummy cream cheese frosting and red hot candies/Old Fashioned Chocolate- chocolate cupcake topped with smooth chocolate mousse buttercream garnished with chocolate chip
Option 3 Description: Sugar Cookie- moist vanilla cupcake topped with a sugar cookie cream cheese frosting/ Strawberry- moist strawberry cupcake topped with smooth cream cheese frosting.
Option 4 Description: Honey Bee- moist vanilla cupcake injected with honey, topped with Honey Cinnamon Buttercream frosting/Red Velvet- fluffy red velvet cupcake topped with yummy cream cheese frosting

All cupcakes will be made from scratch and packaged professionally per Yummy Finds specifications and standards.

Deliveries will be made on February 14 from your favorite Strutter.

Deadline to place orders will be February 8 at noon.

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