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May 11th - 15th


5 - 6 years old

Hiiii Mr. Steven! Warm up, barre work, new skills, and more!! 

Competitive Team & Advanced

Turns, Conditioning and Ballet - wow this week is going to be hard work but don't worry it's also going to be FUN! Senior Elite & El Campo Junior Member, Jasmine is teaching us part of her award winning solo! 

Dancing in the Street!
Take a brain break and learn this fun routine!
A clean dance bag is a happy dance bag!
Your dance bag carries lots of shoes, snacks, and more! Make sure it’s clean and ready to go!
Try our arm dip challenge!
No more netflix! Start getting your body ready for summer fun!
Practice Your Recital Dances!
Online Dance Classes
Activities to do at home!
Other Info
Match the dancer to their shoes!
Which shoes go to which dancer??