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May 25th - 29th


5 - 6 years old

Mr. Steven has a FUN Jazz & Hip Hop class for us today!

Competitive Team & Advanced

Let's get our turns together and work on some ballet before we return! Former Strutter Elite Member and current Blinn Dancer, Taylor Shelton has prepared a combo for us!

Strutters are BACK!! Alright!!!
Guess who's back? See you June 1st!
Let's Body Boogie!
Take some time to shake out your body with this fun song!!!
Try our bUrRPee challenge!
FULLLLL BODY workout!! Do you think you can do this challenge?
Strutter Size Sudoku
We've stepped it up a notch with this Sudoku! Give it a shot!
Practice Your Recital Dances!
Online Dance Classes
Activities to do at home!
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